SkyLark7050C Direction Finder with Monitoring

MRD7050c with notebook Left webWideband Direction Finder with Monitoring

The SkyLark7050C wideband direction finder provides a small yet powerful solution for direction finding needs in the H/V/UHF frequency bands. The unit has 3 internal receiver channels, two for direction finding and the third for monitoring. Together with a compact full-range antenna including monitoring outputs, this is an ideal solution where space is under pressure. The same hardware may be used with different software in either the Spectrum Monitoring (ITU) environment, or in military / homeland security applications.


Key Facts:

  • ITU compliant
  • Frequency range 1MHz – 3.6GHz (expandable to 9GHz)
  • 20MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Concurrent direction finding and monitoring
  • High performance, low cost, lightweight and low-power consumption
  • Comprehensive functionality in compact package
  • Ideal for mobile and fixed applications
  • Powerful, user friendly graphics including geographical functions