Maintenance and Logistics

Solution Overview GEW Technologies' maintenance division has vast experience in providing long term maintenance and support of Electronic Warfare and...

Solution Overview

GEW Technologies’ maintenance division has vast experience in providing long term maintenance and support of Electronic Warfare and other electronic equipment and systems. Most of this equipment was built or supplied by GEW Technologies but many systems under support include systems and sub-systems or equipment supplied by other manufacturers.

We have been the systems house of choice in the South African Electronic Warfare environment and have catered for support of the South African Defense Force EW equipment since the mid 1980’s.

We have provided uninterrupted support of the South African Army EW systems spanning eight consecutive Logistic Support contracts. Furthermore, GEW Technologies also engages in several other Support and Maintenance contracts for various private companies and institutions in South Africa.

Other than our Head office in Pretoria, GEW Technologies maintains nine offices with their personnel across South Africa. On the international scene, GEW Technologies executes several Logistic Support contracts for various governments and non-governmental agencies in both the EW and Security fields. We currently have a number of local maintenance facilities in other countries.

Maintenance is performed at all levels from system down to component repair. Such maintenance is done with the aid of automated test systems which reduces the turnaround time of repair and support cycles. Critical maintenance spares are stored and managed in order to ensure long term availability.

GEW Technologies uses a Logistic Support Management System which we have specifically developed around our unique requirements. This system is linked to our Materials Requirements Planning and Quality Assurance systems in order to ensure continuous dataflow across systems and departments and allows integrated management of the Maintenance, Quality Assurance and Configuration Management activities carried out by GEW Technologies. All maintenance offices are linked to the Logistic Support Management System at GEW Technologies in order to optimise the support provided.