Software Solutions

At GEW Technologies we realise that our clients are unique and have very distinct requirements. We have therefore developed our...

At GEW Technologies we realise that our clients are unique and have very distinct requirements. We have therefore developed our software so that it can be combined and customised in order to create a perfectly tailored solution meeting even the most demanding end user requirements. Our extensive experience in developing software solutions has successfully led many client projects to fruition and sustained value.


Through the years, GEW Technologies has developed substantial skills and practical experience in the fields of Electronic Warfare, Intelligence Solutions and Spectrum Monitoring. This invaluable expertise has led to the development of the Intelligence Flow Systems 4th generation for Data Distribution Services (ifs4DDS) software middleware as end product of 15 years of middleware experience.


The middleware utilises GEW field proven messaging as well as support for Data Distribution Services (DDS) international standard as promulgated by the Object Management Group (OMG). This enables industry standard interfacing with diverse client furnished and commercial sub systems with GEW systems.

Our software solutions may be integrated with existing client systems, best-of-breed or most cost-effective tools that are available in the market. The core of our software systems is the Intelligence Flow Systems (ifs4DDS) software architecture.


ifs4DDS provides a powerful, secure and capable software platform for the vast range of GEW Technologies systems.


ifs4DDS may be deployed in the following environments:

  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Electronic warfare
  • Signal intelligence processing
  • Internet searching, mining and processing
  • Intelligence Fusion Management Systems(FMS)


The 4th generation of ifs architecture is scalable and can, at the low end, be used in order to provide small standard single operator products, mini integrated solutions or at the upper end can be used to produce multi station, multi operator distributed systems catering to the full range of a client’s COMINT needs.

ifs4DDS consists of:

  • Middleware (core backbone), workflow and scalable data models
  • Equipment Servers (EQS), Equipment Function Services (EFS) and service providers
  • User interfaces
  • Collaboration tools and internet technology interfaces)

The 4th generation of ifs architecture extends to:

  • Automation of many collection processing and analysis functions
  • Extended equipment status and processing views
  • Extensive secure communication setup, control and routing software modules
  • Strategic large platform systems as well as fully tactical integrated platforms
  • Mission planning, execution, tracking tools with advanced communications arena and integrated threat analysis capabilities
  • Integrated flexible EW Fusion Management System (FMS) platforms for integrating modern communication networks with classical Comint and Internet information

Continuous Product Improvement:

During the development of new generation ifs4DDS, GEW Technologies has utilised proven industry communication, databases and user interface standards to create a 4th generation comprehensive architecture.

Even though ifs4DDS has proven itself to be a powerful tool, we continuously strive to incorporate new emerging technologies which, after the technology has been proven, are incorporated in order to provide new levels of system functionality. Product modules and systems are submitted to rigorous software testing procedures with quality assurance gates to ensure a quality end product.

Client Support:

Client feedback is important to GEW Technologies. Products and systems are adapted with client operational requirements in mind. GEW Technologies’s relationship with clients form an integral part of software enhancement process. Client feedback is incorporated and existing systems adapted to suit the client’s operational requirements.