Quality Policy Statement

At GEW, we are providing customers with the capability and intelligence to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil...

At GEW, we are providing customers with the capability and intelligence to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil operating environments. On land, at sea or in the air, GEW’s field-proven products detect, evaluate and protect with agility and precision – empowering intelligence authorities to protect civilians, defence forces and infrastructure.


In GEW, Quality is everyone’s responsibility. We are dedicated to quality and continuous process performance improvement of our suppliers, employees, contractors and customers to ensure that our products and services add value at all times. Our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and performance evaluations, the level of quality matches our customers and interested party’s requirements and expectations. This commitment is rooted in our corporate values of innovation, improvement and technology enhancement and is essential to our continued long-term growth and success.


We are committed to:

  • Understanding customer requirements and delivering products, systems and services that meets contractually agreed requirements in relation to quality, applicable regulatory and technical specifications and delivery.
  • Providing skilled resources to ensure that the highest standard of service, in accordance to the business management system, is delivered to our customers.
  • Incorporating customer experiences in our new technology research to provide sustainable system and product solutions.
  • Promoting continual improvement to ensure an effective and efficient business management system and processes improvements, through:
    • the analysis and evaluation of data and information to enhance process performance,
    • conducting management reviews and considering actions to address risks and opportunities,
    • conducting internal and external audits.
  • Ensuring that a mutual beneficial supplier relationship exists. This is crucial to optimise the impact on our quality performance, both internal and external to the organisation and especially with our key suppliers.

GEW assures its range of systems and products are not only designed, manufactured and implemented to agreed regulatory and customer requirements but we are also committed to enhance customer satisfaction by assisting customers with logistics of integration, training, long-term maintenance, repairs and upgrades.


Hennie Venter

Chief Executive