50 Years of Innovation

50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation GEW is turning 50 years old this year! Not only are we celebrating this momentous...

Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

GEW is turning 50 years old this year! Not only are we celebrating this momentous achievement, but also 50 years of innovation, a rich history, an exceptional reputation and an extraordinary legacy. For half a century, GEW has excelled in providing clients with the capability and intelligence to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil operating environments.


GEW’s origins can be traced back to 1968, a period that saw the jump start of the defence and technology sectors, originally in response to the worldwide need for signals intelligence and later expedited by international sanctions on the home front. Our founders’ first steps in the field of technological development became giant leaps that transformed GEW into the world-class organisation it is today.


We chose “Celebrating 50 years of innovation” as the theme for our 50th birthday celebrations, as innovation is at the heart of GEW’s exceptional legacy and continued success in a competitive arena. GEW’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence has contributed to not only the company’s success, but also our clients’ ability to effectively operate in their challenging environments – empowering them to protect their civilians, defence forces and national infrastructure for five decades.


We sincerely appreciate your support during the last five decades and we are looking forward to writing the next 50 years of GEW’s history together.

Our Heritage

Fifty years after its founding, GEW boasts with a legacy of forerunners in technology, growth and resilience in an ever-changing environment, flexibility in providing tailor-made solutions and continuous innovation.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, GEW will be sharing its story throughout the year in various ways, from a coffee table book to 50 photos for 50 weeks! Our heritage page is a short preview of five decades of pioneering spirit and the GEW journey that will be shared in 2018!

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50th Emblem

To mark this historic occasion, GEW created a special 50th Anniversary Emblem. The emblem has a strong visual impact that also embodies the modern and simplistic design of the GEW logo.


The emblem incorporates the GEW logo’s most recognisable graphic element, the arches, which represent progression and evolution – signifying GEW’s unique ability to make vast strides in a dynamic and competitive arena. The zero is modelled from one of these arches and encircles the words “50 years of innovation”, which is at the centre of GEW’s notable legacy.

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50 Years, 50 Images

Our company has made ground-breaking developments in all areas of our solutions offering and we are only getting started!


How did an organisation with such varied achievements come into existence? Throughout the year we will be commemorating GEW’s 50-year heritage in various ways and highlighting our incredible journey and remarkable achievements. Every week for the next 50 weeks, GEW will share a photo and a snapshot in history here.

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