Sky-i7000 Monitoring Receiver

TETRA_GimpThe Sky-i7000 provides a compact cost effective and complete H/V/U/SHF radio monitoring solution. A high spec RF receiver is combined with powerful digital signal processing inside a rugged housing to provide an ITU compliant receiver for dense signal environments.


Key facts:

  • Frequency range of 9 kHz to 3600 MHz, or 9kHz to 9 GHz (LS model)
  • 20 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Frequency accuracy 2 ppb, with GPS Lock
  • Low power consumption
  • Signal parameter measurement modes
  • Integrated GPS
  • Reporting with activity logs and file export to .csv, HTML & Excel
  • Multi-Level BITE
  • Rugged and lightweight and versatile
  • ITU compliant
  • Ideal for fixed, mobile or portable operations