MRD7000WHU RF & DPU SmallerHF Direction Finder

Meeting the challenge of the modern frequency agile and time-varying HF signals scenario, the Sky-HF7000W3 direction finder (DF) utilises the latest technology to achieve outstanding DF performance and high sensitivity. Large aperture antenna arrays, high dynamic range circuitry, Digital Signal Processing and sophisticated man-machine interface graphics combine in a cutting edge solution to meet modern spectrum monitoring requirements.


Key facts:

  • Frequency range of 1 MHz – 30 MHz
  • Instantaneous Bandwidth of up to 10 MHz
  • DF Scan Speed of 400 MHz/s
  • Interferometric operation
  • ITU-R Compliant
  • High selectivity
  • State-of-the-art detection sensitivity by using the adjustable coherent integration setting
  • Automatic internal calibration over full frequency range
  • High-speed 1 GBit/s Data Interface
  • SkyMon-UI software is designed for stand-alone use and easy system integration with:
    • Powerful Graphical User Interfaces
    • User Interface support for Spectrum Recording and Playback
    • Integrated map functions; display of LoBs and Best-Point emitter positions
    • TCP/IP based Application Interfaces
    • Manual and Automatic Tasking and Process Flow
    • Baseline DF Support
    • Fault tolerant interface management