Wildlife Security

Wildlife Security Solutions

Protection of high value wildlife.

GEW specializes in the ability to supply custom made solutions according to the environment that they must protect, ranging from dense forests or river beds to flat wastelands and deserts. Drawing on our experience of military surveillance systems, GEW can supply a full concept of operation including support with reaction tactics. With a long established history and expert technical knowledge, we ensure that our clients understand the cost of ownership related to long-term system operation and maintenance. Our systems focus on reducing manpower requirements as well as minimizing the human risk factor.

  • Anti-poaching
  • Early threat detection and warning
  • Friendly force tracking
  • Integration of diverse sensors specific to each environment
  • Intelligent perimeter surveillance
  • Remote warning systems to discourage intruders
  • Advanced software suite with automated reaction procedures

Products used in GEW’s Wildlife Security Solutions could include:

  • SkyVision Border Software Suite
  • SkyVision Security Software Suite
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Ground surveillance radar