Coastal and Maritime Surveillance

Coastal and Maritime Surveillance Solutions

The main challenge facing maritime security agencies is to combat the host of maritime threats, such as illegal fishery, smuggling, piracy and oil theft, to name but a few, with a limited amount of man power and vessels.

GEW’s multi-sensor coastal and maritime surveillance solutions increases maritime domain awareness through the use of radio monitoring technologies in combination with optical and radar surveillance, which acts as a force multiplier for coast guard and other maritime security agencies.

  • Port and maritime traffic monitoring
  • Vessel Tracking System (VTS) monitoring
  • Automatic Indentification System (AIS) monitoring
  • Radar and optical surveillance technologies
  • Anti-poaching & anti-smuggling support
  • Coast Guard Search and Rescue (SAR) support

Products used in GEW’s Coastal and Maritime Surveillance Solutions could include:

  • SkyVision Coastal Software Suite
  • Skylark7050C-VTS Solution
  • Coastal Radar systems
  • Coastal surveillance cameras