HENSOLDT teams demonstrate Xpeller mission success

HENSOLDT teams demonstrate Xpeller mission success

The darling of counter-drone solutions

HENSOLDT demonstrated the success of its mobile configuration of the Xpeller™ counter-drone solution during successful field trials performed in Darling near Cape Town, South Africa.

Threats arising from the malicious use of commercial drones are on the increase and HENSOLDT is addressing this new global concern with a global effort. Engineering teams from South Africa, UK and Germany conducted integrated field demonstrations of their combined technologies that form part of the HENSOLDT Xpeller™ family of configurable counter-drone systems.

Tailored for rapid deployment, the mobile variation of Xpeller™ protects people and sites when and where it is needed. It harnesses a combination of radar, electro-optical and radio-frequency detectors, as well as a drone jammer, all fused in a common C2 (command and control) for optimum protection against unmanned threats. This integrated solution not only detects, but also successfully counters hostile drones at ranges of up to several kilometres.

Providing a powerful and intuitive interface with the integrated sensors, the CxEye command and control software demonstrated the ability of the integrated system to evaluate and coordinate a response through a ‘detect, recognise, identify and classify’ workflow.

With the addition of the GEW® SkyScan7X multirole direction-finder, the system can detect and geo-locate both the drone and the pilot in real-time. Capitalising on the advanced capabilities of GEW’s field-proven range of direction finders, the SkyScan7X is optimised with enhanced processing technology and special surveillance modes for detecting, classifying and locating drones and their operators. Launched at Paris Air Show in June, this versatile direction finder is ideal for counter-drone operations, where speed, sensitivity and bandwidth are of vital importance.

Jonathan Field, HENSOLDT’s Head of Security Solutions, was pleased to report that the successful demonstration highlighted the features and benefits that elevates the system above its competitors – showing exceptional detection and jamming ranges, as well as advanced analysis and classification of a range of drones used in the demonstration.

About GEW

As HENSOLDT South Africa’s spectrum dominance business line, GEW provides clients with premium solutions to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil environments. On land, at sea or in the air, our electronic warfare, spectrum monitoring and security solutions offer tactical and strategic superiority. HENSOLDT SA’s GEW® range of products and systems are rooted in a long lineage that spans more than 50 years of innovation.

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