HENSOLDT presents its expertise on border security solutions

HENSOLDT presents its expertise on border security solutions

We joined the defence and security industry of southern Africa in cyber space recently at the 2020 Sovereign Security virtual conference. As the gold sponsor of the event, HENSOLDT South Africa spearheaded the dialogue on the threats nations face and the technologies to counter them.

HENSOLDT South Africa’s experts on the matter tackled the issues of border security and explained how innovative technologies can protect borders, nations, resources and even wildlife. Watch the video recording of their presentations on how we address this global challenge.

In his presentation, Werner Muller, Chief Executive: Spectrum Monitoring and Security at HENSOLDT South Africa, refers to South Africa’s extremely challenging border scenarios and the immense challenge to secure it. Integrated detection and reaction capabilities are necessary to secure the border, comprising technologies such as smart fences, radars and cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and the command and control systems to bring it all together.

On the topic of airborne and maritime surveillance, Gerrie van der Merwe, Optronics Manager of Business Development, explained the advantage advanced airborne imaging systems has as a force-multiplier in national border security.

Under our new normal this first-ever virtual Sovereign Security Conference has set the benchmark for how we will be using technology to collaborate and build our networks. The very nature of this event illustrated our modern-day capability to transcend borders and barriers using technology and reminds us how our threats can do the same. But, our advantage as security experts and solution providers lies in our ability to collaborate, share ideas and build on our shared intelligence.

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