GEW’s GMJ9 protects soldiers protecting people

GEW’s GMJ9 protects soldiers protecting people

A new fleet of armoured personnel carriers (APCs) has been deployed with GEW’s flagship force-protection jammers to protect troops during counter-terror operations in northern Africa. The GMJ9 multirole jammer prevents the detonation of radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) to protect forces and civilians. Electronic attack, or ‘jamming’ as it is commonly referred to, is a crucial capability on the battlefield, as it controls an adversary’s ability to communicate and make use of the frequency spectrum.

Designed for modern asymmetric warfare, where high performance and flexibility is required, the GMJ9 multirole jammer combines a responsive jammer for vehicle-based counter-RCIED capability and tactical communications jamming in a single, compact system. The system continuously monitors the frequency spectrum for threat signals and calculates the most effective mode for its specialised jamming waveforms, suppressing multiple simultaneous trigger-signals anywhere in the RF spectrum.

The GEW GMJ9 is truly multirole, as it can also be used as a stand-in or stand-off communications jammer. This allows for a high level of flexibility, as the same platform can be used for a variety of missions. Without compromising the integrity of vehicle platforms, the GMJ9 can be integrated into client systems, or, as complete turnkey vehicle systems built in partnership with trusted original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Designed to meet the demanding size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements of mobile solutions, the GMJ9’s modular and compact design makes it suitable for a range of combat vehicles, from light multirole vehicles, to heavy armoured vehicles and personnel carriers. The best in its class, the GMJ9 detects and protects to deliver true spectrum dominance.

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