GEW Presents Spectrum Monitoring and EMC Training

GEW Presents Spectrum Monitoring and EMC Training

GEW concluded the first of its bi-annual Spectrum Monitoring and EMC training courses at its Cape Town facilities during the week of 9-12 May 2017. The four-day knowledge-building course was attended by 27 delegates from both the regulator and industry, and focused on regulatory issues, measurements in accordance with ITU-R specifications and EMC principles. The combination of theoretical and practical sessions help facilitate a greater understanding of the core ITU standards and industry best practices. The course presented key spectrum monitoring and management themes, such as:

  • Real-time radio spectrum monitoring and measurements techniques
  • ITU-R measurements and industry best practices
  • Frequency assignment and occupancy analysis – Frequency Band Occupancy (FBO) and Frequency Channel Occupancy (FCO)
  • Measurement systems training (half a day outing with practical demonstrations)
  • Spectrum management and its supporting role in a monitoring network
  • Understanding EMC fundamentals and principles to reduce interference
  • EMC Coupling issues and its prevention.

Remaining current with the industry best practices insures a solid knowledge base on spectrum monitoring and spectrum management. This training course helps educate industry professionals to keep them at the forefront of spectrum monitoring and spectrum management operations. For  information on future courses, please visit our Spectrum Monitoring Training page.

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