GEW demonstrates GMJ9 force-protection jammer

GEW demonstrates GMJ9 force-protection jammer

GEW took part in an action-packed demonstration day hosted by DCD Protected Mobility. An audience of military attachés and other dignitaries gathered at the Paardefontein test range, where the focus of the exhibitions and demonstrations were on DCD’s armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and the various products and solutions that integrate with these platforms.

GEW demonstrated its flagship convoy protection solution, the GEW GMJ9 multirole jammer, in an interactive simulated threat scenario. APC manufacturers such as DCD enhance their product ranges with convoy protection capabilities by integrating the GEW GMJ9 into their vehicles and offering it as a standard solution.

The GMJ9 is GEW’s next-generation convoy protection system, which uses reactive and adaptive waveform jamming technology to suppress multiple simultaneous trigger signals anywhere in the RF spectrum. The GEW GMJ9 is truly multirole, as it can also be used as a stand-in or stand-off communications jammer. This allows for a high level of flexibility, as clients can use the same platform for a variety of missions.

GEW also offers the GMJ9000 portable jammer range – designed to protect man-on-the-move personnel from RCIED threats. The effective jamming range and high portability of these man-pack solutions make this family of jammers particularly suitable for individual and patrol protection, as well as soldier-carried communications jamming missions.

From sensor to effector, our EW systems integrate technologies designed for situational awareness, counter measures and force protection into complete solutions that offer tactical superiority in the operating environment. GEW is celebrating half a century of excellence in providing clients with the capability and intelligence to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil operating environments.

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