GMJ9 Software Defined Multirole Jammer


GEW’s new-generation software-defined multirole jammer combines a responsive jammer to counter RCIEDs for vehicle-based patrol activities and a tactical communications jamming capability in a single compact system. A high-performance receiver continuously monitors the spectrum for threat signals, adapting the jamming methods to precisely target signals that pose a threat. The GMJ9’s advanced architecture simultaneously targets point-to-point radio links and new generation multi-standard cellular networks seamlessly with multiple overlapping and independent transmitter channels and adaptive waveform algorithms.


  • Vehicle-mounted RCIED jamming for convoy protection applications
  • Facility protection by means of communications network jamming
  • Lightweight tactical communications jamming systems

Technical Information:

  • Frequency coverage: 20 MHz – 6.0 GHz
  • Active and reactive configurations
  • Ability to jam multiple threats simultaneously by providing 5 independent jamming channels dedicated to high value threat bands such as GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS, ISM
  • Advanced threat-based mission programming interface
  • Built-in test and diagnostic features