Electronic Warfare


GEW Technologies manufacture a variety of products specifically designed to be successfully integrated into systems we are supplying. Our products and systems cover the full range of Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) disciplines in the communications frequency bands.


GEW Technologies core capability lies in the design and delivery of integrated Tactical and Strategic EW Systems, which combines our field proven EW products with years of technical and operational experience to provide EW systems that delivers intelligence and the tactical situational picture to operational commanders when they need it most.


The close partnerships we form with our customers allows us to evolve our product line continuously to ensure we always stay on the technological edge to meet the ever changing electronic threat in modern-day warfare.


At GEW Technologies we realise that our clients are unique and have very distinct requirements. We have therefore developed our software so that it can be combined and customised in order to create a perfectly tailored solution meeting even the most demanding end user requirements. Our extensive experience in developing software solutions has successfully led many client projects to fruition and sustained value.